olchik: (clown)
2012-09-12 10:44 pm

Sometimes internet comments actually make you laugh

The article talked about the new iPhone 5.  

But the comments were where it's at:

Jay Bacon
I freakin hate Apple! All the sheep will be lining up around the block for this one, it's very reassuring to know how much better I am than all of you.
- Sent from my iPad

Your all a bunch of left wing Apple snobs.
Sent from from my SAMSUNG GALAXY.

Couldn't agree with you more, Jay Bacon!
-Sent from my typewriter via the Post Office
(now get off my lawn you no good hooligans!!!)

You guys are just jealous
-Sent from my 7year old i mac that still boots up in 20 seconds.

I don't care.
-Sent by carrier pigeon.

I like that.
-Send from my Microsoft Windows 7 desktop and the sea of Windows 7 desktops in my office.
Microsoft rules.

I really think that Apple shou
- Sent from my Blackberry

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