Aug. 23rd, 2012

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My point here is not to get sidetracked in the largely irrelevant biology of whether women can, somehow, discriminate against the sperm of a rapist. I would rather highlight the fact that the way in which women discriminate against men whose children they do not want to carry is by not having sex with them in the first place. A measure of the extent to which a society deserves to consider itself civilized can be gained from the extent to which its citizens recognize this fundamental and inviolable right.


As a rape survivor, I am reeling from your recent statement where you said you misspoke when you said that women do not get pregnant from legitimate rape, and that you were speaking "off the cuff."

Clarification. You didn't make some glib throw away remark. You made a very specific ignorant statement clearly indicating you have no awareness of what it means to be raped. And not a casual statement, but one made with the intention of legislating the experience of women who have been raped. Perhaps more terrifying: it was a window into the psyche of the GOP.

Someone said to me on Facebook yesterday:
"Oh, come on... Atkin is an idiot and said something stupid, so it means we need to discuss this for weeks now??? Nonsense! Yes, rape was present in the past and will occur in the future, and it is a problem, but not for the whole world to discuss idiotic phrases. My opinion."

And here's my answer:
It's not just about how the female body will reject the sperm in the event of a rape and the victim will not get pregnant. It's about the use of term "legitimate rape". It's about the use of the term "forced rape" as if there are rapes that are unforced. This term appeared in a bill to limit funding for abortion and this bill was co sponsored by Akin and the current VP nominee - Paul Ryan. It's about the fact that these terms are being used and bills like that are being sponsored and passed in various states and in the US Congress. It's about re-victimization of rape victims. It's about you and me and our daughters.
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CNN commissioned artists to illustrate the theme of Power ahead of the 2012 election -- not just the obvious power that’s at stake, that politicians and presidents wield, but the sometimes more subtle forces that power us as a people and drive our debate over money, health, race and gender -- often to the point of protest and gridlock. We received a wide variety of work and curated them by themes, based on what we saw and the artists' statements.

Очень интересная подборка. Рисунки, видео, фотографии. Мне очень понравился плакат "Origins of Power" - последний справа. Рекомендую читать авторские объяснения под каждой картинкой. Видео тоже посмотрите.

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