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The article talked about the new iPhone 5.  

But the comments were where it's at:

Jay Bacon
I freakin hate Apple! All the sheep will be lining up around the block for this one, it's very reassuring to know how much better I am than all of you.
- Sent from my iPad

Your all a bunch of left wing Apple snobs.
Sent from from my SAMSUNG GALAXY.

Couldn't agree with you more, Jay Bacon!
-Sent from my typewriter via the Post Office
(now get off my lawn you no good hooligans!!!)

You guys are just jealous
-Sent from my 7year old i mac that still boots up in 20 seconds.

I don't care.
-Sent by carrier pigeon.

I like that.
-Send from my Microsoft Windows 7 desktop and the sea of Windows 7 desktops in my office.
Microsoft rules.

I really think that Apple shou
- Sent from my Blackberry

Smart Phones are evil
-Sent from my Windows 95.

Change is bad.
- sent from my abacus

That is just hippy talk!
- Sent from my behind.

Steven Hoefgen
Just wait until you get your hands on the iPhone 6
-Sent from a iPhone prototype left at a bar

Added half an inch, and made it lighter....phhhhhf!!
-Sent from my jailbroken Atari 2600

I am from the future and I am sent to terminate all those who oppose Apple and write blasphemous posts. Apple has guided us into a bright future of global peace by taking away distractions like individuality and free thinking. Our mandatory Apple branded white or black turtlenecks and jeans and Apple regulation Jobsian haircuts make us all equal in the eyes of Apple. Who would want to live in a world where a loving Apple government doesn't tell you what you want in life?? Pray to whatever false Gods that you believe in Android users for your time of rebellious individuality is coming to an end.
Apple is God and Jobs is his Prophet!!

-Sent from the my iPhone 34 retina implant

iDevices are jokes. How can you type on these things??!!!
- Sent from my DOS PC via TurboCharge 16K modem

kawpi kat
-Sent from my cave drawings

"Beautiful, isn't it?"
-Sent from my Bat Phone

Apple haters, and Fan boys, LOL at you all
-Sent from my, middle finger double zeero

-Sent from my Macbook Pro sitting next to my much slower HP L1908wi.

Click Click Clack Clack Click Clack Click
-Sent from me banging two sticks together

Trust me, wait till next year.
- Sent from my iPhone6

-Sent back from the future to save mankind

in the back of my napkin, I hope you’ve proactively fast tracked sufficient
mission critical bandwidth to close the loop on leveraging global synergies
ASAP up the flagpole. We’ll keep moving forward by encapsulating
knowledge based best practice cookie cutter core asset skill set solutions in
this collaboration task game plan thinking outside of the black box.
--Pasted from my game changing brand
recognized business phone

Jeffrey Manning
jfkasjlfjasd fjdklfj lksdajkf ljdj akfl kdsml aso;feo; oa mkam kflldsk
- sent by revelation from heaven through the golden plates known as the book of mormon

I love the occassional comment on this thread that doesn't get the joke...
-Sent from my 5 year old flip phone

You are all so 50 years ago!
-Sent from my iBrain (implant 7s)

Oh wow, another shiny lil' toy for image conscious hipsters brought to you by Apple. I can't wait to see all of them lining up for their newest, greatest phone. Steve Jobs passed away, so should the Apple corporation and all it's glitzy, hipster products.
-Posted from my flawlessly running Windows desktop, that I built from the motherboard up, while chatting with my daughter on my Android based Motorola Atrix.

Iphone 5 has EBT App.
-sent from President Obama!

So choosing to buy an iPhone makes some inferior to you? Just how insecure are you that you need to validate your sense of worth with the products you to choose to buy? I've never owned the iPhone but I also don't look down on those who choose to buy it with their own hard earned money.

Alfredo Alvarado
I about fell off the edge of my seat, but ill pre order mine to come I'n the mail Mr Bacon.
Sent from my good ol 3G iPhone.

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